The Rolvsnes discovery has 30 m oil column in porous granitic basement that is in pressure communication with Edvard Grieg.

Oil test in basement

Lundin has completed the drilling of 16/1-28S and is now ready to test the Rolvsnes prospect with a 2000 m long horizontal well.

The discovery 16/1-12 (Rolvnes) was proven in 2009, and subsequently delineated by well 16/1-25 S in 2015.

The reservoir contains oil in weathered and fractured granitic basement beneath a thin, 20-30 centimetre, Early Cretaceous conglomerate. Gross contingent resources ar 3-16MMbo.

The purpose of 16/1-28S is 1) to drill through as many fractured  and weathered sands as possible and 2) to confirm commercial, sustainable production rates from the reservoir.

Depending on the results from the well, a plan for development and operation (PDO) may be submitted in 2019.

This test is also of great interest for the nearby prospect Goddo. Given successful results, that prospect will be substantially upgraded. Lundin estimates the Rolvsnes/Goddo prospects together could contain more than 200MMbo.

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