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New name – old wrapping

"Geobank" is the new name of NPD's core viewing room, which reflects that it contains lots more than just rock samples.
The name provides a better description of all the types of geological data we have available, NPD writes in a press release.

Geological samples included in Geobank:

  • Drill cores -> 149 km, approx. 775 tonnes
  • Drill cuttings -> 800,000 samples, approx. 510 tonnes, from 2,460 wells
  • Oil samples -> approx. 1000, from nearly all discoveries and fields
  • Microplankton samples -> 115,000. Each of these contains several thousand fossils of plankton, pollen and spores, and tells the story of the Norwegian Continental Shelf over the last 370 million years.
  • Petrographic thin sections -> approx. 1,500. These are slices of rock that are so thin they are transparent. They show the structure of the rocks on a micro-scale.
  • Seabed minerals -> crystallised out of warm water flowing up along the plate margin between Greenland and Norway
  • Various types of samples from ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) expeditions on the Jan Mayen Ridge, the Gjallar Ridge, the Vøring Spur, etc.
Miles of cores
Here’s a little “fun fact”: If you lined up the cores in a row on the E39 highway, they would stretch from the NPD’s offices in Stavanger all the way to Lyngdal!



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