Jan Grønbech - country manager of Google Norway - will give a talk entitled "Disrupt - or be disrupted" at DigEx 2019.

The first of its kind

While the exploration community is fully familiar with digitisation, digitalisation is now about to completely change the work-flow.

On Januray 30-31, Geopublishing is hosting the very first conference concerning digitalisation of the subbsurface, targeting explorationists daeling with immense amounts of data: DigEx 2019 – The Digital Subsurface.

The mass of data is now the main challenge on the NCS”

Evy Glørstad Clark, Aker BP, DigEx2019 participant

The programme has been fully set, and Jan Grønbech, Country Director of Google in Norway, is one of the speakers. The progrmme is convened by Kine Johanne Aardal (Pandion Energy), Kristin Dale (Dig Science), Kristian Brandsegg (Exploro) and Are Magnus Bruaset (Kalkulo).

“While Digitisation is the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one, Digitalisation is the process of leveraging digitisation to improve business processes»

The conference is designed for geoscientists working within the subsurface domain in the oil & gas industry: Oil companies, Service companies, Authorities and Research and educational institutions.

“Digitalisation in the subsurface is about the way we work, and now we do need a new digital mindset,” Kine Johanne Aardal, Digitalization Manager at Pandion Energy, says.

“We are facing a new reality. Rapid changes in machine power and exponential technology such as machine learning and AI enables to solve what was previously seen as impossible,” she adds.










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